Saint Paul's Lutheran Church

3442 Orrstown Road

Orrstown, PA 17244

We are a Christian church that strives to love others as Jesus loves us by sharing love through prayer, ministry, and worship.  We are a place where our neighbors and newcomers can count on for warm hospitality and engaging gatherings.


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St Paul's vision is to inspire and equip the next generation of Christian families. The Children's Ministry Project is St Paul's outreach to children and families who are impacted by all the challenges effecting our rural neighborhoods, farming communities, and rural towns today. St Paul's continues to faithfully stand in the threshold between hope for rural children and the trend of rural decline. Orrstown like most all the towns west and north of Orrstown have no place for children to go, no place to play, no place to build friendships, no place to learn about the God that can give them hope.


The Children's Ministry Project shepherded by St Paul's creates space for children and families to laugh, talk, create, sing, play, study, pray, eat, and connect through chapel events and intentional gatherings that are free. Free can only happen through the generosity of neighbors and strangers, individuals and companies that understand the life of a child is so precious, though we only get one chance to give a child a faith life. Growing up in despair versus growing up in hope will impact the trajectory of a child's life for their entire lives. We need your help to help equip these rural children for life.


Help give a rural child a free day in Play & Pray Chapel, After School Chapel, Confirmation Club, or one of the special family friendly liturgical events we offer through-out the year.

St Paul's also accepts donations for the general fund that covers operating expenses and other vital ministries.


Please specify on your donation if you are donating to the Children's Ministry Project or the General Fund. 

Thank you for your generous donation.


Every dollar raised goes to help families provide a safe place for their children to explore how Jesus works in their lives. A child with faith is a child with the greatest resource of all, Jesus. 

Please specify on your check if you are donating to the Children's Ministry Project or the General Fund.

Make Checks Payable To:

Children's Ministry Project

St Paul Lutheran Church

P.O.Box 120

Orrstown, PA 17244

Thank you for your generous donation.


St Paul's relies on people that are living involved lives to donate time to bring children and families together with Jesus. One hour a month covers pre or post event set-up, two hours covers a children's chapel, three hours helps with a fundraiser.  And, there are many other opportunities to help that only take an hour a month. 


St Paul's has been serving the neighbors of Orrstown and surrounding towns for over 150 years. It takes prayer, service, and funds to do effective ministry, we appreciate you willing to be generous with all three.