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Closed Captions are now available on our videos.  If you would like to have this feature turned on, select your video from our "Worship & Sermons" menu.  Prior to starting the video on the YouTube website, select the "CC" icon.  The location of this icon may be in various places on the  video screen, depending on the device (p.c., cell phone, etc) and the manufacturer of your cell phone. 

"CC" Icon

Sample Locations

Desktop PC

Icon is located on the bottom right side of the video screen.


Cell Phones

1.) Apple iPhone - Top right side of the screen - press settings icon, select the 1st option "Captions" from the drop-down menu.

2.) Samsung Galaxy - Top right side of the screen- press the 3 dot vertical drop-down menu & select "CC     Captions"

3.) LG - Top right side of the screen.



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God Bless

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